Jersey Road Street Library

109 Jersey Road, Woollahra, NSW, Australia 2025

"Books are uniquely portable magic", Stephen King. We all need a little magic to brighten our days. Let's give each other this magic - visit the Jersey Road Street library. Choose a book, donate a book, change a book and share the magic of reading in our community.

I truly believe in the magic of reading. I read to relax, to learn, to escape, to expand my horizons. My children grew up surrounded by books and I can see how the love of reading continues to help them in their extended studies. As a language teacher, I know first hand the enormous benefits of reading. However too often do I observe that people, adults and kids alike, are reading less and less. Looking at a screen and soaking up that fast and endless stream of a social media feed is often preferred over picking up a humble book. I am hoping that this little house with books on my wall can be a reminder of the simple joys that reading can offer. Hopefully, some spark of curiosity leads you to open the library’s little door and discover what books may be in there waiting to be devoured. And maybe, just maybe, it might compel some people to start reading again. To the book lovers in the community, I am hoping the library connects us and will be a conduit to share our paper treasures.

Located at:109 Jersey Road, Woollahra, NSW, Australia 2025

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