Layla & Mummy’s Books

26 Springfield Drive, Mildura VIC, Australia

We curate kids subscription book & activity boxes and run a personal development bookclub… of course we needed to have a street library as well! Come check it out!

Hi, I’m Courtney Scales, the “Mummy” behind Layla & Mummy’s Books.

Our love for books started when Layla was just a baby and we started reading consistently as part of her sleep routine.

As our family grew, so too did our love of books… and our bookshelves! I loved discovering new and engaging stories and reading these to my growing family, which now includes Layla’s brothers Alessio and Orlando.

We wanted to share this love and so in 2017 “Layla & Mummy’s Books” – our Instagram account was born where we shared all of our favourites. Then in October 2020 in the midst of the pandemic I wanted to go a step further in bringing people the books we loved so we created our themed book and activitiy boxes with our very first box teaching kids all about germs! We’ve had so many amazing themes since then such as Earth, Mindfulness, Space, Family & Kindness to name a few!

But it’s not just gorgeous kids’ books I love. Discovering personal development book has been a game changer for me. I love listen to the audio version of them while doing housework, out for a walk or driving. The things I’ve learnt from these books have taught me so much and really helped me improve in so many areas of my life. And I LOVED talking about them. I needed to share this knowledge! Especially with all the Mumma’s who just like me, had no time to read and were feeling a little lost or depleted after putting everyone else’s needs before themselves.

So I started Mildura’s First AUDIO Book Club! We read hard copy books as well but I encourage our members to “read” via audio when they can especially when it they feel like they just don’t have time to read at all!

My aim for this group is to create a network of like-minded women open to personal growth and wanting to become the very best version of themselves. With an online Facebook Group in our first 12 months we’ve grown to a membership of 60 incredible women from across Australia.

Each month in our Facebook page I nominate 3 personal development books for our members to vote on for which book we will read for that month. We chat about it and share our thoughts in our Facebook page and meet regularly for those local to the Sunraysia area.

When I first heard about Street Libraries I couldn’t wait to have one of our very own to share our love of books with our neighbourhood and thought it would be a great way to donate extra books from both our business and our overflowing bookshelves. It’s taken almost 12 months to make this hope a reality but we are finally here. With a little help our street library is assembled, painted and sitting proudly out the front of our home ready to bring some incredible kids books, personal development books and fiction into the lives of those passing by. We hope it brings them as much joy as it does us!

Located at:26 Springfield Drive, Mildura VIC, Australia

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