Little Ghosts Street Library

30 Settlement Road, Bundoora. VIC, Australia


Our haunted little library (not really haunted lol) is for ALL ages - you are never too young or too old to dive into a new story and there is no friend as loyal as a book!

Our library was born from our love of reading. I am an avid horror/ thriller/ crime reader and love all things spooky. My son’s are also equally little bookworms. I often call my babies, my little ghosts – hence, our street library is named in honour of our two beautiful sons.

As we are a family of readers, we wanted to share our love of reading with our community – as no one should go without a book. Our library even has a ‘Kindness Box’ where we put in different little treats for you to take – eg bookmarks, lollypops etc … and leave us a message in our Guest Book while you’re here!

Take a book, Leave a book – our library holds both adult and children books. Old or young, everyone deserves a book.

“Books are uniquely portable magic” – Stephen King.

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Located at:30 Settlement Road, Bundoora. VIC, Australia

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