Little Zaks Academy Epping – Reading to learn

48 Somerset Street Epping NSW 2121

At Little Zaks Academy Epping, our Street Library stands as a testament to our love for books and reading. Nestled at the heart of our community, this little hub not only fosters a passion for literature but also symbolizes our commitment to building strong relationships with the families we serve. It's more than just a collection of books; it's a bridge that connects us with the community and supports diverse ways of learning. As children and families explore the literary treasures within, our Street Library becomes a vibrant symbol of shared stories, shared experiences, and the joy of discovery in the world of words.

Inspired by the success of our internal library, we joyfully extended the love for reading beyond our walls and into the heart of the community with the creation of our Street Library at Little Zaks Academy Epping. Decorated with the cherished memories of children, the library serves as a colorful bridge connecting our center to the local Epping community. Here, books of all shapes and sizes invite exploration, becoming conduits for shared stories and shared experiences. As families borrow toys and resources from our internal library, the Street Library further enriches our connections, offering a delightful opportunity to build relationships through the magical world of books. We eagerly anticipate the many shared adventures and cherished moments that will unfold within the pages of our Street Library.

Located at:48 Somerset Street Epping NSW 2121

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