Maggie’s Lil Street Library

31 Kambalda Crescent, Fisher, ACT

On the bike path behind the house Visit Maggie the dog, use your nouse Say "hi" to the chooks While you collect a new book

We saw a Lil Street Library post on Facebook and thought, what a great idea! That was it for a while. We thought it would be fun to have one and were thinking along the fridge line, like many others.

Then our microwave broke….this might work (?). We stashed the dead microwave in the shed for a while. Then…we saw another one on the side of the road down the street – perfect! We stopped and picked it up. We had fun decorating the repurposed microwaves into a KIDS BOOK stash and a GROWN UP BOOKS stash. The base was built from left over ‘shed stuff’.

Margaret the Magnificent (aka Maggie the Dog) greets many passers by at that corner of the yard, so it seemed like a good idea to name it for her.

Located at:31 Kambalda Crescent, Fisher, ACT

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