Mani’s community Library

27 O,Regan Drive Craignish Hervey Bay 4655

An old cupboard revamped with scrap sheeting and a roof to go outside and provide a community library in our street. Mani's Library is out and running today. Borrow a book exchange a book or donate a book. Jigsaws or games can be added if anyone wishes to participate in swaps.

Husband Andrew built my creation inside then we giggled as we had to get it outside through the large front door, luckily we had 1 mm each side to get it out, phew it was close lol. So those in boredom maybe you can see if you have any books you don’t want or just come for a look see and find an adventure while you isolate at home with a good story and a coffee. I’m in O’Regan Drive, Craignish. Please use the 1.5m distance if others are at the library thank you and enjoy from Andrew and Denise.

Located at:27 O,Regan Drive Craignish Hervey Bay 4655

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