McLaren Wharf Little Library

5 Karatta Dock, Port Adelaide, SA, Australia

MWLL is uniquely available under a shady tree on the promenade 24/7 for all cyclists and pedestrians. Those on wheels can readily access this low unit, but with a Council seat close by, it can be inclusively accessed. The seating is used for browsing and choosing as well as starting to read books!

While I curate the MWLL, displaying the books in an inviting way, caring for the plants in the planter box and keeping the Council bench clean, I am also promoting the area as much as possible. My intention is for residents along McLaren Wharf to have a sense of ownership as they are invited to care for the little library and contribute these book-gifts for our community. At the same time I am encouraging the contribution and gift-receiving in and by our community, talking it up in chats with neighbours, through our local community Facebook page, alongside of community events such as our Dockside Festival and other local events, or through my local Buy Nothing Group.

Located at:5 Karatta Dock, Port Adelaide, SA, Australia

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