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241 View St, Bendigo, Vic, Australia

Need a break - read a book, discover the magic. Never to young or old to read.

I love reading AND I’m always looking for a new mosaic project – creating a mosaic coated street library meant I could combine my two pleasures and share the joy of both with my local community. I live next door to a pre-school, so I have included books in the street library for both children and adults. I am looking forward to seeing the children swap and share these books, some of which were my daughters’ favourites.
My reading tastes have changed over the years as you would expect. First off there was Winnie The Pooh, read to me by my mum, next came Famous Five and Secret Seven adventures, then Nancy Drew mysteries moving on to grown up thrillers.
More recently I have discovered Tim Winton, Helen Garner, William McInnes, Bruce Pascoe and now have Mike Carlton’s “On Air” on my bedside table. Books transport you, challenge you, move you – and a book that stays with you after the last page is read is the best sort!
Aboriginal culture fascinates me, as a country we could learn so much if only we were prepared to listen. The mosaic design on the street library is my nod to that culture and gives me a chance to share my admiration for 60,000 years of stewardship.

When Coronavirus times are done, I’ve been invited to the pre-school to help with their plans to create a mosaic wall and talk about books – perfect!!

Located at:241 View St, Bendigo, Vic, Australia

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