My Little Kindred Spirit Library

165 Rivergum Drive, East Albury NSW, Australia

Kindred Spirit - 'a love for all things similar, special and true'. These are all attributes that we believe resembles our little neighbourhood library. Taken directly from the 'Anne' books written by L.M Montgomery, our library evokes a certain nostalgia and small community full of fellow kindred spirits that enjoy reading and learning.

This is our Little Kindred Spirit neighbourhood library that evolved from an idea I had during Covid 2020 and then finally, putting it into place this year. With the help and support from our family and friends and the insistence of our first-born boy, our library was finally established and I can proudly say it was a labour of love and a huge team effort. We have loved watching our little community grow and instill our love for reading and learning around our neighbourhood.


I had the idea in 2020 to create a little neighbourhood library and then Covid happened and I put the idea on the backburner but it was still on my heart. Last year, I found two blue bedside tables on the side of the road. As I lugged them home I knew a little library was going to happen. And then they sat around for a while. And for a little bit longer after that. My eldest, Patrick and I painted one on a Sunday afternoon (‘Fire engine red, Mummy. Just like the post boxes!’) and then they sat around again. My husband, Luke built a stand out of some scraps he had (yes, I will admit – sometimes keeping scraps do come in handy). After another standstill, my father-in-law built a roof and then my Dad (who also has a huge love for reading) helped put it all together. Our boys filled it with books we’d been collecting from thrifting and we named it after L.Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables stories – a series I read when I was younger and loved and continually returned to during times where I craved nostalgia and to a simpler time. I re-read them all during Covid as it was a place I could immerse myself in during a very interesting time. You will always find an ‘Anne’ book in regular rotation in our library in honour of the name.


We have recently decorated it with twinkle lights and other little bits and pieces we find on our thrifting or crafting adventures. Neighbours of ours also donated two little chairs to our library after our original wooden chairs were stolen and it is such a joy to see families and children – young and older – borrowing books and enjoying them. We hope to get a donation box set up soon so that people who would like to donate to our library are able to do so and my little boy wants to put in little packets of seeds in Spring for people who want to grow flowers in their gardens. We have turned some artworks into bookmarks and laminated them for people to take when they borrow a book which brought a lot of joy to my two boys who love art and painting!

I have another little table to still do up and our plan is to donate it to my boys preschool – to continue to instil a love for reading, learning, giving and community.

You will often find us filling our library, putting on more twinkle lights and talking to our neighbours (either with a coffee or a wine in my hand depending on the time of day). We’re thrilled to join this beautiful community!

Located at:165 Rivergum Drive, East Albury NSW, Australia

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