Nahema – little street library on New Chum Rd

3 new chum road, Dinmore, Ipswich, Qld, Australia

The little street library and seed bank on New Chum Rd is named after the rose Nahema meaning sweetness. It is a gorgeous little blue chest a short walk from dinmore train station. Made from 100% recycled materials Nahema is an opportunity to share what we have with the community - through the magic of story telling and the abundance of Earths gardens. How magical to know the exact cosmos that grows in your garden also grows across Ipswich brightening peoples homes. Any preloved books or seeds would be so appreciated, or come by to receive a gift from Nahema

Nahema was created with the goal of building a community, giving people the opportunity to access books who may not be able to otherwise, and share the beauty I find in gardening to others. This little blue box sits across the road from a beautiful Church, a short walk from the train station and has a basketball court not far away. So my hope is, if my little chest can touch just a few of those people walking by it has done its job. If one little child can get a book for their birthday that they otherwise wouldn’t have received, it has changed the world.

Located at:3 new chum road, Dinmore, Ipswich, Qld, Australia

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