Narrung Street Library

2223 Loveday Bay Road Narrung SA 5259

In Ngarrindjeri Country, you can read sky, waters, wind in she-oaks, or turn off the main street into Loveday Bay Rd and read a book.

Narrung nestles at the ‘Narrows’, near the Coorong, at the end of the vast precious waterway that connects so much of this country. Two centuries ago British invaders were astonished at the abundance of life here. They were gob-smacked at how quickly Ngarrindjeri folk learnt English. In the 1920s, Ngarrindjeri elder, David Unaipon, wrote in the grand lyric style of poets and priests, and was the first Indigenous writer to be published. He was born Just done the road at Raukkan, and his many talents are celebrated on the $50 note. So if you’re nearby and find yourself stranded without a book to read, come connect with the Narrung Street Library on Loveday Bay Road.

Located at:2223 Loveday Bay Road Narrung SA 5259

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