Newington Book Nook

15 Cumberland Square, Newington, NSW, 2127

Cumberland Square’s enchanting street library, nestled under a majestic tree, offers a treasure trove of kids’ books and a secret compartment filled with tiny wonders.

Once upon a time, Cumberland Square’s street library – the Newington Book Nook – had a nomadic streak. But now it’s settled and feeling right at home, keeping an eye on the passings of the local park.
This charming library has also had a few watery escapes. Twice, it’s found itself submerged like a literary Atlantis, much to the astonishment of the community. Its books, soaked but never surrendered, became experts in the art of drying out.
This librarian and her family of story lovers aren’t ones to give up on a good read. The library, now elevated on a bookshelf-shaped pedestal, stands tall and dry. Its contents are in regular rotation, promising a fresh adventure with every visit. So, whether it’s on a whimsical wander or dealing with aquatic acrobatics, Newington Book Nook in Cumberland Square remains the heart of this well read neighborhood.

Located at:15 Cumberland Square, Newington, NSW, 2127

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