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Teichwiese 1, DE-56743 Mendig

Our public bookcase is in a small town and is very much appreciated by the population. The cupboard holds around 500 books, some in English. Around 400 books are taken out every month, but we receive around 300 books donated every month. We make sure that we only have current books in the bookcase. Visitors are always welcome and anyone coming from Australia always gets a cup of coffee. Your registerform does not accept my phone number. +49 171 5353450 please correct it.

Our bookcase was built for us by two craftsmen. We were therefore able to realize many small ideas. It is important to us to give books a second life. The bookcase is divided into categories: children’s books, young adult literature, foreign language books, world literature, fiction, novels, non-fiction, fantasy, historical novels, novels about foreign countries (Australia) and cookbooks. We clean the bookcase every two days and put new books in the closet. Thanks to marketing in the press and Facebook, many people come from further afield. We also organize events around the bookcase. Our intention is to get people reading again. Writers’ readings, school visits with children to read, a literature circle and a book festival. And since there are no inns and only a few shops in our small town, the bookcase has become a real communication center. When the weather is good, the two benches are always filled with people who not only want to look at the books, but also want to talk to each other. Often the only contact option for older people. Our Bookcase is 3 years old

Located at:Teichwiese 1, DE-56743 Mendig

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