17 Dalpura Street, Macleay Island 4184

This is the first street library on Macleay Island SE Queensland. Although we're surrounded by water we're not wet behind the ears when it comes to searching out books for entertainment, learning and great fiction. We opened on Neighborhood Day 2018 and are up to our necks in books and energetic readers. Our library has a bench to sit on and read for a bit in the sun. Often children and grandparents walking up from Dalpura Beach, take a rest and share a book or two. Some happy readers come from other parts of the island to share books, take a book or leave a book. They're a happy bunch and can be heard chatting with each other or talking to them selves while they discover a treasure on the shelves. Robbie's Street library is swimming with new books and new friendships and its little latches click at any time through the day heralding another happy reader.

Robbie asked Ian to build her a Street Library way back in 2016 but it took a story in the Sunday Mail 2018 to really get Ian’s attention and light a fire under his inspiration. He sprung into action and produced the cutest library with a shell decoration and a pretty blue and white ceramic handle. It is the first Street library on Macleay Island, SE Qld. No.770
In our community of nearly 4,000 people we already have the Macleay Island Community Library and because it is such a friendly place, there are just so many readers and borrowers who are enthusiastic about books. Robbie’s Street library opened to encourage people to read especially children. Because our library is on the way to the beach we put in a bench for people to rest and read on. Now other little street libraries will be appearing all around Macleay Island thanks to the team from the Renegades Men’s Shed who construct the libraries.
When a book in excellent condition appears in Robbie’s library we offer it to the MI Community Library first. So both libraries network in sharing the love of books.

Located at:17 Dalpura Street, Macleay Island 4184

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