Seuss Box Street Library

77 Hugh McKay Crescent, Dunlop, ACT, Australia

Seuss captures the essence of all things books. Capturing the hearts of children and adults alike. The colours pay tribute to him (blue and black on outside and red on inside) and over time we'll be adding more tributes to him. The books inside are a mix of books for kids, teens and adults.

I saw libraries popping up on Facebook groups and thought ‘what a cool idea’. At the time there were none in Dunlop but I didn’t have time to make one. Then I joined a Buy Nothing page and we (the kids and I) did a clean up and found so many books… rather than take them to the op shops I decided to make my Little Street Library (now the 4th Dunlop library) – I wanted a project to do.
So i decided to do what many others have done – upcycle. I went to the Green Shed and within minutes saw the perfect run down cabinet. It was faded pink/red. A trip to Bunnings for some paint, a few laminated signs and we’re done.
Our neighbourhood has many age ranges and I wanted to cater to that. Whilst most of it is fiction at the moment I’ll add some non-fiction too like recipe books for kids and adults.

Located at:77 Hugh McKay Crescent, Dunlop, ACT, Australia

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