Simone Howley – Wollongong

35 Warwick Street Berkeley, Wollongong NSW Australia 2506

Simone's Little free library!

When I found out about LFL and researched the movement I knew we had to be involved. I’m a mother of two young boys who loves literature. As a young girl I struggled with reading but a special teacher teacher called Mr Brady, lite the fire in me by readying us the most exciting books that I became keen to read more to learn more. I’m a qualified early childhood educator and think this is a wonderful way to engage young children to the wonder of reading. I also see this as a wonderful community incentive which is why we are building our Library in stages to get the neighborhood talking. The children have already decided how they are going to make sure no one ruins it. They are buzzing with excitement… TBC.

Located at:35 Warwick Street Berkeley, Wollongong NSW Australia 2506

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