Skye Children’s Cooperative

9-11 Skye Street Macleod

Visit Skye’s Street Library for a unique blend of education and community spirit. It's not just a library; it's a collaborative effort fostering literacy and lifelong learning in a welcoming, inclusive environment. Here, books and a shared herb garden unite the community, nurturing both mind and body. It's a place where children develop essential skills and values, and where every visitor contributes to and benefits from the collective growth and well-being of the community. Come and be a part of this inspiring initiative!

The story behind Skye’s Street Library is deeply rooted in community connection and educational empowerment. It began as an initiative by Skye Children’s Cooperative, an early childhood education and care service, to extend its educational reach and community engagement beyond its immediate premises. The philosophy driving this library is a blend of community collaboration, sharing, and growth. The library, paired with a herb garden, represents a symbol of giving and receiving, fostering healthy nourishment for both the mind and body. It’s not just about providing access to books; it’s about building a community where children learn the values of empathy, respect, and collaboration, and where every member contributes to and gains from a shared journey of learning and growth

Located at:9-11 Skye Street Macleod

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