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83 Simpson St, Ballan, Victoria. 3442

Visit me opposite the child care centre, around the corner from the hospital, a block back from the main street, on everyone's favourite walking route!

My little street library started it’s life as a 1960’s wooden filing box in the office of The Perfect Cheese Company in Melbourne. It was a beautiful thing. It was made from solid wood with ply-board shelves running along it’s many grooves and a bottom covered in opulent green felt. I rescued it from the junk pile and brought it to live with us in Ballan, where it stored kindling by the fireplace and occassionally housed sick chickens when the need arose. When my pile of books grew throughout the many lockdowns in Victoria, I decided to build a street library and reincarnated the little filing box to it’s next worthy life. I gave it a lick of paint, decorated it with some paper cut-outs and made the front door from an old picture frame. It was a very fun project and I hope it provides our community with joy for years to come.

Located at:83 Simpson St, Ballan, Victoria. 3442

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