Storytime at Ronald Reserve

13-15 Ronald Avenue, Bulleen VIC 3105

This library sits within small park with a storytime area and playground. Take or share a book and produce.

Ronald Reserve is a local park with a play and picnic area in a landscaped setting for children of all ages. Children can perform on the ‘Once Upon A Time’ story stage or read a book from the Little Free Library. The audience can watch while sitting on the grassy tyre steppers or picnic table. For active play there are swings, a junior slide, a climbing net and a balance walk along logs, rocks and beams. The grassy tyre steppers squeak when jumped on.

Within 250 metres walking distance to Bulleen Plaza and the Bulleen Library, this reserve is the perfect place to relax after shopping or reading a library book in the storytime area.

Ronald Reserve Facilities Include
– Storytime area including a ‘Once Upon a Time’ storytime chair/stage, squeaky tyre steppers that act as seats and a free little library box for sharing books and produce
– Play equipment such as a swing set, combination climber and refurbished junior play unit
– Landscaping including logs and rocks for climbing, balancing and nature play opportunities
– Retained grassed open space area for picnics and ball games
– Additional trees
– Seat and picnic table area for resting and socialising
– Accessible concrete entry path

The free little library was designed by local residents and made by Kiwanis Club of Manningham for all to enjoy.

Fun fact: The storytime chair/stage was made from a 100 year old pine tree that was felled by a storm in the early 1980s and rescued from becoming firewood to become the story time chair and stage it is today.

Supported by Manningham Council’s Parks Alive initiative

Located at:13-15 Ronald Avenue, Bulleen VIC 3105

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