Take Me Home, Wandal Road

81 Wandal Rd, Wandal, QLD 4700

Our street library is a place to share books, games, seeds, non-perishable food and other useful stuff. Take what you need, leave what you can!

Take Me Home, Wandal Road is a big street library with more to love!

It’s a place to share books, magazines and printed info, as well as other useful things like games, toys, seeds, and non-perishable food.

It exists to share resources of all kinds with our immediate community. In a hectic, complicated world where so many of us are super busy and don’t necessarily have time to build the neighbourly relationships we’d like to, it’s a simple way to gift and swap goods.

It’s a small step towards building a more engaged, compassionate society.

The name was chosen by popular vote on the Wandal Community Chat & Goss Facebook page. Some other contenders were Not All Who Wandal Are Lost, What a Wandalful World, and Anyway Here’s Wandalwall. 🙂

Located at:81 Wandal Rd, Wandal, QLD 4700

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