The Albert Street Book Nook.

94 Albert Street, Prospect, SA, Australia, 5082

Eclectic, interesting books from genres you may not have otherwise read are here for you to savour and enjoy.

Close to the Churchill Rd end of Albert Street, this street library belongs to the local community. Located outside the home of an avid reader, and painted by another talented Albert Street resident, it has a constant influx of new books.

Born from a desire to reduce the number of books in their home which didn’t need rereading for a third time without throwing them away, this street library became a community asset from day one when it had the first books put in it by an unknown person before the concrete post had fully set!

Myi The owners, including their vocal dogs, enjoy saying hello to other readers and exchanging ideas about authors to read and which books to try. Some of us are even leaving reviews on a post it note on the front cover or inside the first page to help others decide what book to delve into while curled up in a chair in their favourite spot in the house.

Located at:94 Albert Street, Prospect, SA, Australia, 5082

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