Need a new book – why not have a look at the book nook.

I first found a street library in a repurposed red telephone box in a tiny hamlet in the Cotswolds England. I had finished a book and on a rainy long weekend I really wanted something else to read so this was perfect. I have been a passionate reader for as long as I can remember. I’ve have been known to finish a book in one sitting!!! I also work with very young children and I know the importance of sharing a book from a young age to promote early literacy- develop new vocabulary and interests, and hopefully set them on the path to life long enjoyment. The opportunity to have a street library was offered by Canada Bay Council- I applied and here it is. Thanks to my wonderful husband for the painting and minor carpentry required we are up and running. Already friends have made donations and I have many more books to share when space becomes available.

Located at: 9 Cormiston Avenue Concord NSW Australia 2137