The Clam Street Library

204 The Entrance Rd, Long Jetty NSW 2261

Come and find a book, donate a book, and sit under our iconic Clam-shaped roof, all whilst you help yourself to some delicious veggies and herbs from our Community Garden! This is the street library you've been wanting to be a part of your whole life, hand painted by our incredible local artists!

Welcome to our unique Street Library, where we invite you to embrace the joy of discovering and sharing the world of literature. Here, you can come and find a book that resonates with your soul, but that’s just the beginning.

Our Street Library is a testament to the power of community collaboration. Each book is carefully selected and lovingly shared by individuals who have found inspiration between the pages. It’s not just a library; it’s a living, breathing testament to our shared love for storytelling.

When you visit, you can also become part of this wonderful exchange. Share a book, add your own chapter to our growing collection, and let others experience the magic you’ve found between the lines.

As you delve into your chosen book, take a moment to savor the serenity under our iconic Clam-shaped roof. This tranquil space is where ideas come to life and imaginations soar.

And while you’re here, why not stroll over to our Community Garden? You’ll find a treasure trove of delicious veggies and herbs. It’s a vivid reminder that nourishing minds and bodies go hand in hand.

What makes our Street Library even more special is that it’s adorned with vibrant, hand-painted artwork by our incredible local artists. Their work not only graces the library but also adds a touch of creative spirit to our shared space.

So, whether you’re a reader, a sharer, a gardener, or an art enthusiast, our Street Library has something special waiting for you. Visit us, connect with our community, and join the celebration of knowledge, nature, and art. It’s a place where stories come to life in more ways than one.

Located at:204 The Entrance Rd, Long Jetty NSW 2261

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