The Coal Point Universal Library of the Infinite Monkey

228 Coal Point Road, Coal Point, NSW, 2283

You never know what you might find in this library. A never-ending work in progress, guarded by a tipsy Jamaican Reggae Tiger, it sits before the Garden of Forking Paths, where anything is possible. It is a black box, the door of which opens potentially upon ALL texts, ALL worlds. While its appetite for fiction is voracious, it also takes in poetry, philosophy, psychology, religion, and all manner of strange and wonderful things.

I am a retired professor of Postcolonial Literature with a vast library devoted to African, Australian, Canadian and Caribbean literature, history and culture. Over the years I have also collected a fair amount of British, US, South American, Pacific and South Asian Literature, and a lot of Literary Criticism and History books related to the same. The bulk of my Australian Library is now at The University of Li├Ęge in Belgium and I have donated my Canadian Library to the University of New England, in northern NSW. Now, as I finalise my remaining research projects, I will gradually be culling the rest. I also have a fairly decent collection of rather arcane popular fiction – Crime Fiction, Science Fiction, Decadent Fiction and Horror Fiction – much of which will find its way onto the street eventually. I am a prodigal, returning to the community where I grew up, and I hope that the Coal Point Universal Library of the Infinite Monkey will give continuing pleasure to my neighbourhood, and to anyone who cares to visit it from further afield.

Located at:228 Coal Point Road, Coal Point, NSW, 2283

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