The Curious Wombat Street Library

79 Heath Road, Chum Creek. VIC. Australia

This one of a kind street library, has been lovingly painted by a local artist who was inspired by her love of books from her childhood, it reflects imagination, inspiration, inquiry and investigation as well as a creative life. Worth a visit just to see the art work. Filled with a eclectic collection of books which will be changed by the community usage of the library. Open to all, local and visitors.

The Curious Wombat street library is a delicious box of potential, gifted to the community of Chum Creek.

I have always loved to read, to learn and to visit places real and imaginary, microscopic and magnificent, ancient and extinct or possible in some other time and space. Reading has always fed my soul.

Noticing that many homes have few if any books, as well as being one of those people who often forget to return my library books and end up with huge fines, that make me avoid borrowing from a conventional library, I was thrilled to learn of the movement for Community Street Library’s.

I believe that this is a wonderful way of sharing with my community, as well as reusing and recycling books. It enables knowledge sharing, personal knowledge development and community development. And not least it enables escapism into another world of – well whatever interests you.

I want this library to be of the community, for the community, by the community.

Located at:79 Heath Road, Chum Creek. VIC. Australia

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