The Glowing Tree Street Library

70 Lower Brighton Terrace, Sandgate Queensland

The Growing Tree library is a quirky and fun space to engage young readers (zero to primary age) with 750 books and growing!

There’s a glowing tree growing
out front of our place
and they say you can see it
from deep into space!
It glows at night
while children sleep
and it reads all their books
not just a few but a heap!
And the more that it reads
the more that it glows
that’s just the way
the glowing tree goes
Then it mumbles to the mushrooms
and frollicks with the flowers
all of which takes it
hours and hours!
Who knows why
it grows and glows there
but if it lures in young readers
thats all that we care
Because inside the library
an adventure awaits
and young growing minds will glow
and they’ll tell all their mates!
So come for a visit
or just pass it by
the glowing Street library
that catches your eye

Our library is made up of hundreds of op shop bought books once (still) read by my 4 year old daughter (Lucy Sunflower). We thought it was time to share them and our little old caravan with our neighbourhood children their parents and grandparents, some stay to read some to play.

Located at:70 Lower Brighton Terrace, Sandgate Queensland

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