The Hill Top Library

1 Cliff Street, The Hill. 2300. NSW.

Come and watch a whale, turn a page and relax by the sea.

This little library, is dedicated to my mother who is forever with a book in her hand. Mum (possum) can be seen reading her favourite magazine and smiling as she reads each article.

The library itself has been professionally painted and animated by Bec, from the ‘Flying Spanners Gallery’ in Teralba. Painted over with enamel for ease of cleaning and salt water resistance.

The Hill Top library is replacing the original library, which has had some recent renovations, however it’s still a little too small, as it was originally an old bedside table that had been turned upside down.

The newly painted library was once a discarded dolls house -kicked to the curb.

Now lovingly restored, The Hill Top library is bound to get the attention of young and old readers alike.

Located at:1 Cliff Street, The Hill. 2300. NSW.

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