The ‘Hole in the Hedge’ Street Library

10 Waugh Avenue, Korumburra, VIC, Australia

The 'Hole in the Hedge' library is your next stop in discovering future adventures with stories that will stay with you for years to come.

“A book is a gift you can open again and again” Garrison Keillor
Books are meant to be read (and sometimes reread) and then shared with others so that they too can experience stories that let you escape, forget about your problems, and bring a sense of joy and wonder.
I love sharing books with others (at work I frequently recommend and give books that I have read to my colleagues) and I love passing books on and hearing about the enjoyment that it brings to others.
If there is a book that you have been after for a long time, I will endeavour to find it for you and leave it in ‘The Hole in the Hedge’ library.
Feel free to visit ‘The Hole in the Hedge’ library sometime soon! Happy reading!

Located at:10 Waugh Avenue, Korumburra, VIC, Australia

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