The Places You’ll Go – Frenchville State School

446 Geordie Street, Frenchville, QLD, 4701

At Frenchville State School, it's about taking our students on amazing adventures of discovery and learning. Our students have a great pride in their school and their learning opportunities. They are eager, active learners who thrive on challenge and curiosity. THE PLACES THEY'LL GO!
Frenchville students are readers and also participate in a fantastic Reading Knights program and want to share this love of reading with our community. Reading Knights READ every night!

This Street Library was purchased through 2021 Student Council Fundraising at Frenchville State School. Student Council then ran a design competition to decorate the street library and our gorgeous Prep teacher, Mrs Tricia Williams combined the students’ design ideas into this gorgeous interpretation.
This library offers our families the opportunity to continue to read and exchange books during week-ends and holidays when the school library is closed.

Located at:446 Geordie Street, Frenchville, QLD, 4701

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