The Stables Library

186 Croydon Avenue Croydon Park NSW 2133

It is on your way to the Cooks River walking path. Even while installing it we found that everyone was excited to see it. It is a way to connect to the community by chatting with others

Building one last thing with my Dad. My Dad, Abie (short for Abraham), is in heart failure and won’t be with us for much longer. He was a vibrant and energetic person all his life and never sat down and seemed to run everywhere. Always building something or mending things, always tinkering in the garage. I saw the building of the Street Library as one last thing we could do together. It took us a few months as he would tire very quickly. My husband, Michael, Dad (Abie), and I installed the Street Library together and we took photo’s so we won’t forget. Even while we were installing the Street Library Dad could see that everyone was happy to know it was there and stopped to talk to us. Dad got to see how it brought the community together. This Street Library will always remind me of my wonderful Dad and the man he will always be to me. Please enjoy our Street Library. We named it “The Stables” as our property and many others on our street were horse stables before townhouses. My parents bought the property when it was stables as Dad was always part of the horse racing community. We painted it Red and White mainly because we already had the red paint. We have put Sydney Swans (AFL) stickers on it as we are fans and the colours were “just right”.

Located at:186 Croydon Avenue Croydon Park NSW 2133

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