Thorold Street Library

4/487 Thorold Street

Here's a library that is planted by a park. Children are lucky to choose from titles by a local author from around the corner, and adults may find a good read with autobiography or travel to Italy, with a recipe book or two. Come and check it out by the gum tree near Uiver Park, Thorold Street.

Uiver Park Thorold Street Library

Now there is another reason to walk by Uiver Park playground. Look out for a green metal box sitting by the Agapanthus patch in the corner near the playground. ‘Beware of the Agapanthus’* by Alan Bowater is just one of the children’s books that will be read and re-read by the children looking for something special on their way to school or just playing in Uiver park.
Street Libraries increase the interaction between people. Dog owners and children playing make up a large proportion of visitors to Uiver Park. Uiver Street Library adds another reason to visit West Albury, have a play, take a walk, and leave/take a book when visiting Uiver Park where it provides space for dog owners who come to exercise, along with others with a ball to kick around. Authors for adults include Durrell, Picoult, and topics range from autobiographies to gardening, craft, recipes etc.… Bring one, take one….
*Alan Bowater, a local resident, and author has donated a set of children’s books to the UIVER STREET LIBRARY. He first came to West Albury as a teacher at the West Albury Public School when it was located in Lamport Crescent. Now as a retired, Alan is continually look for ways to encourage children to read and expand their knowledge. The books are a wonderful addition to the library.
There is plenty of space for people to add to the collection while at the same time borrowing to keep the dynamics of the collection alive. One day you may even bump into West Albury’s local author……
Found at 487 Thorold Street, Next to Uiver Park in West Albury.

Submitted by Joy Grinham

Located at:4/487 Thorold Street

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