To Hold & To Have Jewellers

98 King Street. Buderim, Qld 4556

Situated on the corner of the multi international award winning "To Hold & To Have" Jewellers and opposite the ethereal, historic and beautiful Wirreanda Park is our Street Library. It currently has a number of best sellers, lovely book marks and very interesting reads. It is surrounded by a quaint cottage garden, where today brilliant yellow sunflowers are smiling happily.

Owning a jewellery store is wonderful. We love ‘what’ we do (we design and manufacture Jewellery to the highest care and skill) but we love ‘who’ we do it for more. For us it is about connecting with our neighbours and the community and all of us traveling through our lives blessing one another and taking care of each other.
Recently we have been challenged by two nasty incidents of crime, where as a business we have taken two large hits but personally, physically and mentally I and my wonderful staff are still in a process of recovery. As soon as the second one recently occurred, which closed our store for December and meant that we missed most of Christmas, it became increasingly important to me to activate my plan of bringing a street library to our corner of the world. I wanted to move on in a positive way and change the dialog, the thoughts, the moments of frustration into moments of joy, growth and giving. Our community is amazing. We say ‘our vibe creates our tribe’and our tribe is gorgeous and have embraced, supported and lifted us every day, especially during these past two years. The Street Library is just one small way we can continue to share in and with our community and continue to make this world shine brighter than any darkness. Jo x

Located at:98 King Street. Buderim, Qld 4556

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