Tyrrell Street Library

19 Tyrrell Street, The Hill, NSW 2300, Australia

Grand unveiling 2 Dec 2018. Conveniently located near Newcastle East PS, so hoping for lots of children's books to find loving new homes.

Welcome to the Tyrrell Street Library, located in The Hill in Newcastle.

We’re not far from King Edward Park, The Obelisk, and Newcastle East Primary School.

This street library is the brainchild of Liz, who collaborated with her neighbour Billy to build and install it out the front of Liz’s beautiful terrace house.

The library was unveiled on Sunday 2 December 2018, and initially stocked with books, CDs and DVDs donated by Liz and Amy (Billy’s wife), who’ll both monitor the library. Liz enjoys crime fiction, and Amy (who once had dreams of being a real librarian) has eclectic tastes that include Matthew Reilly, Jane Austen, Neil Gaiman, Greek mythology, and the Kardashians. #nohaters #dontjudgeme

It’s early days yet, but we’re hoping to see a good turnover of good quality items – all donations are welcome, but please don’t leave badly damaged books.

If the library is full and can’t fit your contribution/s, please feel free to leave it/them on the front verandahs at 17 or 19 Tyrrell Street – we’ll rotate the contents of the library as needed.

We’re very excited about our little project and hope that our community will embrace it. We note that there’s also another local (unregistered) street library which can be found in Cliff Street The Hill; it’s about a five minute walk from ours, so if you have the chance pop around there too, you should!

Located at:19 Tyrrell Street, The Hill, NSW 2300, Australia

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