Walkerston Rotary # 4 Little Library at Bridge Road, Mackay

403 Bridge Road, Mackay, Queensland, Australia 4740

Walkerston Rotary’s Little Street Libraries.
Open All Hours Free 24/7 Self-Service
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This is Walkerston Rotary’s Little Library Branch #4

Ever since we got to know about these creations where one can swap books, just like that – ‘Leave a Book, Take a Book’ – we have worked towards establishing such a brilliant concept in our area.
The club’s first Little Library was established in June 2018 locally, in Walkerston, Queensland Australia – and proved a success, literally from its first day!
Walkerston Rotary club’s Little Street Library Project is working well – it’s definitely a Win/Win situation!
In the present situation of a world pandemic we sanitise our little libraries, as well as all the contents, regularly – also making users aware that usage of the facilities is at their own discretion, and to please follow the Who guidelines regarding sanitising.
Our first little library was manufactured from a flat-pack kit, painted with bright colours.
With number two library, club members became quite adventurous modifying a disused storage box. One could possibly liken the progressive change of this container to the much-loved literary classic fairy tale of the ‘ugly duckling’ morphing into a ‘beautiful swan’!
With our third and fourth little ‘branches’, club members have become quite adventurous with designs.
We now have four branches established and doing quite well. There are six more in production which we hope to have up and running and established within the next year, with our wonderful Little Library caretakers.
Of course, Little Street Libraries wouldn’t work without lots of books; these have been donated in abundance by some wonderful people, and still are!
The stash of books we have accumulated is of such a size that the contents of all our little libraries’ can be rotated on a regular basis in addition to the automatic changes, which occur when one item is swapped for another, by little library users.
Little Street Libraries are beautiful homes for books, all kinds of books; they are a window into the collective mind of the community they are placed in.
Books come and go; no one needs to check them in or out. It’s a Free – it’s 24/7 Self-Service.
Little Street Libraries are a symbol of trust and hope, a small nook of ideal literary bliss.

Located at:403 Bridge Road, Mackay, Queensland, Australia 4740

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