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Do you know what’s the first and most impressive thing here when I first came to Sydney? I met a gorgeous corner library in Belmain wharf, that was so amazing! I was thinking and dreaming to have one in our side also. I brought my son to study here for one and half year, we are lucky to live in this area and I picked lots of books from the neighbors give away. I guess he has read more than thousands of books this year, averagely one to two books per day, he reads super fast, during the school time he borrowed from the school library from 5-6 books every week till his bag full, he said nearly half of the books he has read already, and his school librarian recommended the new books for him all the time and encouraged him to borrow as many as possible, usually allow to borrow 3 as maximum, but allow him to borrow till bags fully occupied. Even though he usually finished reading in the first 3 days and the other 4 days left for nothing. Luckily we have great neighbors in this area, another half spiritual food were fully filled by the neighbors give away. I do really appreciate for these kind neighbors and now I am going to try to build our street library in st ives chase Warrimoo oval. I will move a book shelf there and including the books , and later will continue to move the books once he finishes, hopefully more and more neighbors will join us to swap the books. Again for those kind neighbors if you are happen to see this, Pls accept my sincere appreciation. I plan to set up one bookshelf under the shelter of the Warrimoo oval clubhouse outside of the corner, not sure if more neighbors can join to donate the shelf and books, let’s try to start from one, hopefully one day we will have one similar like the belmain point. Thanks for anyone support this and join to discuss future.

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