Westside Stories

63 Crofton st Geelong west 3218

Feel the need... the need to READ! Want to get hooked on books? Swing by and see our Street Library!

Books are cosy, interesting and they can help us form connections to the world we live in! You can read the same book over and over again if it’s your favourite story and it will always make you feel good!
Getting lost in a book is one of the greatest feelings!

Our toddler loves books and inspired us to create our Street Library! He chose the colours and even helped paint it!

We have adults and children’s books of all kinds. Our library is purple and green and easily seen and we even have solar lights to make our library visible at night!
Our library’s goal is a hope to connect our community in these troubling times where many of us are spending more time at home. To make our street cosy and welcoming to the people passing by and local residents and to bring reading to life making it fun and interesting for little readers! Helping them to make connections through text to text, text to self and text to world! Let’s get hooked on books!!!!

Located at:63 Crofton st Geelong west 3218

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