Wildflower Way

67 Pakenham Street, Echuca, Victoria, 3564

"Here's to fresh coffee, sunshine, morning walks, blooming flowers, good books and all the other simple but glorious pleasures of life!"

An overflowing home library and a desire to share the books I’ve loved over the years led me to Street Library Australia. Add in Covid-19 and lots of time to ponder the meaning of community and here we are…

Never one to shy away from making a project harder than it needs to be, I decided to mosaic the library with blooms! A true labor of love, it’s now a beautiful Wildflower library complete with a rainbow roof, signifying the joy of sharing my love of reading with others, and the hope I have for all the ways books can build connection, promote change and spark curiosity.

be free and reach
for the sun,
live in all your colors
and grow so

– butterflies rising

Located at:67 Pakenham Street, Echuca, Victoria, 3564

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