Thanks to the wonderful folks at Waverley Council, we’re in a position to give 10 deeply discounted Street Libraries to budding librarians who live in that local government area. This is a $300 street library for just $10..

The program is open to anyone in the area – we’re looking for community minded folks who will become excellent librarians.

The library must be installed on property you control, which may be private, or school grounds.

If you’re a school or daycare, you can see a great Street Library in operation here in Newtown outside Australia Street School.

The program will remain open until all of the libraries are gone – the libraries are just $10 each.

Some preference will be given to the following people:

  • Artists
  • Writers
  • Low income or unwaged persons
  • Volunteers in Waverley based NGOs, including schools and daycare centres.

To apply, goto our Donation Waitlist page – be sure to include your Waverley Address

Apply for a $10 Waverley Council Library