My name is Rachael, and myself along with our two resident black cats, who love to keep a consistent eye on things, are the ones behind our Coorumbung Rd Street Library. For a long time, I have loved the idea of having a Street Library and was thrilled to open one with the beginning of our new year. I am loving the opportunities having my own street library offers to our community, sharing interests and finding new ones through the taking and sharing of books. I have long been a book enthusiast with a love for classic literature and the natural world. I am an aspiring gardener; climate change engager and I love stories that raise the vibration of women. I love books that encourage self-awareness and I take delight in the magic and adventure of children’s books. Being located across the road from our local public school offers me tremendous joy to see the school children engaging in our library and enhancing their opportunities for reading quality literature.

Within this Street Library, you will find a delightful selection of both new and used books, and my own passions filtered throughout. But I long to discover what makes your heart sing through the stories you choose to leave behind. I open my heart to you through the world of books… be that to take a book, share a book or give a book, there are no expectations here but to open your heart to the world of reading. You are most welcome to return a book when you are finished, pass it on to another, or if you love i keep it! Our Street Library is here to support a love of reading and the sharing of joy however that is for you. Read on