I started visiting my local street libraries after an end of year clear out left me with about 30 books that I wanted to donate. In trying to find out where I could donate them I learned that there are about 80 street libraries within a two hour drive of home! So, I decided I needed to see them all. Kind of like an Easter Egg hunt, but a Street Library Hunt!

I found so many beautiful libraries. From ones hidden in bushes and gardens, to beautifully decorated libraries with a Great Barrier Reef or rainbow lorikeet theme, one up-cycled from an old fridge and even one with two libraries (including a TARDIS themed library for adult readers!). There have even been a handful with rock exchange gardens, perfect for kids to explore and swap rocks they’ve painted or found.

And of course getting to find amazing books to read is a perk of the hunt too. I’ve found numerous booktok and bookstagram recommended books and swapped my books to get a chance to read. I’ve found books in every genre from “Wuthering Heights” to “They Both Die at the End” to “Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales” and my absolute favourite “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland” (I’ll admit, I kept that one after replacing it with a couple of my donations). Reading is a passion and getting to find absolute gems of books in absolute gems of street libraries has been, and will continue to be, a great joy.

Happy Street Library Hunting!

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