Meet Tina the Street Librarian from Krakow, Poland. Tina and her husband, Norbert own a small pizzeria called Pizza Chata. They are passionate about books and thought the pizzeria was the perfect location to share the love of reading by installing “Mini Red Biblio”. Tina’s talented dad was commissioned to design and make the “Mini Red Biblio” and it has definitely been a hit with locals.
It is an interesting attraction to the neighbourhood as Street Libraries are not very popular in Poland. Tina and Norbert started with books that they have already read and their friends joined in and placed books in too. Recently Tina has noticed people in her community bringing books to share.
“We hope to meet other bookworms and integrate the local community through our book exchange. “Mini Red Biblio”  has helped start a conversation with people in our neighbourhood and we would like to inspire surrounding suburbs to start one as well”