Image to demonstrate how the Post Topper works

Meet the Post Topper (official name!). An interstate-friendly option for creating a sturdy stand and base for your Street Library.

With courier costs through the roof, we are no longer able to ship our pre-made mounting posts. Enter the Post Topper – 3 pieces of purpose-cut exterior-grade timber and a clip of nails, ready to be teamed up with a 90 x 90mm 2.4m pre-cut post available from Bunnings or your local trade centre, and assembled by you. That means the Post Topper does not come with a mounting post. The mounting post will need to be purchased separately.

All libraries available from Street Library can be mounted on this post and will take a handy person 10 mins or less to assemble.

You just need to drill the library to the post and hand saw it to bring it to your desired height. Simple!

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