People of Street Library

The People Behind the Scenes

We really consider every single librarian who cares for a Street Library as part of our team, but obviously it would not work to list them all here (our World Map is the best place to find them). There is, however, a small group of folks “behind the scenes” who got this concept and organization rolling and are working hard to support the growth and health of the worldwide network. They include:


These are the people who are helping get us up and running.

nic lowe
Hassler and Pusher

nic lowe

Nic discovered street libraries in Portland, and then found out it was a global movement led by the great folks at Little Free Libraries. His role is currently chief hassler and annoyer, which basically means he tries to make stuff happen quickly.

Placemaker and Librarian

Kylie started a street library in Oxford street some years ago, and loves creative urbanism. Her first library (she has many!) has been used as a secret rendezvous point for book lovers all through Paddington in Sydneys east.

Hacker, Bike Rider, Sometimes Reader

Dan confesses he doesn’t read that many books. In fact, the last book he read was “The Genome: An Autobiography of the Species” which was, in fact, an audio book. We’re not sure if this counts, but if it does, he’s the audio-equivalent of a speed reader – he claims to listen at 3X speed.

Dan, grab a book, lie on the couch and slow down….

Rachel teaches Year One kids at Stanmore Public School.

Simply put, she loves to teach kids how to read – and how to love books.

The Founders of Little Free Library (USA)

We owe a great intellectual debt to the founders of the Little Free Library movement in the USA. You can find out more about these fine folks at

Co-Founder of Little Free Libraries (USA)

Besides being Co-founder of the Little Free Library movement (USA), Todd has had an extremely diverse career – he founded and served as president of Care-Forth, Inc.; was founder/CEO/ President of the Global Scholarship Alliance; was a global countertrade consultant, sales manager in corporate trade for 3M, and a public school teacher. Todd’s particular genius is in envisioning creative new models and approaches for business and community.

Co-Founder Little Free Libraries, USA

As Co-founder of LIttle Free Libraries (USA), Rick’s energy and expertise in marketing, communications and community development helped create a worldwide awareness for Little Free Libraries. Rick retired from his staff position with Little Free Library in April 2014, but continues to incorporate promotion of the Little Free Library mission wherever his travels take him. Rick served two decades an outreach program manager in Continuing Studies at the UW-Madison before retiring from his position 2013, and prior to that has either founded or served as executive with numerous local and international organizations.

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