We are excited to celebrate our wonderful volunteer Jonathan Englert.
Jonathan and his wonderful team at Andiron Group use hard-hitting, often experimental communications to make fast-growing companies irresistible.
For the past three years, Street Library has been so lucky to draw on their knowledge and expertise to help promote Street Libraries’ mission.

For me volunteering for Street Library brings together my strong belief in the value of books and the cause of literacy as an author and a reader, and my professional work amplifying messages and brands through PR, Marcoms, partnerships and any other lever you can pull to get the word out and give a worthy movement the fuel to grow fast and sustainably. My team and I love Street Library and we’re lucky because Street Library sells itself by creating fresh stories from each community and every street it touches. It’s easy as an author to get a little jaded about the value of books, but Street Library has renewed my faith in the power of books to connect, to delight, to improve. The one thing I’d love to encourage is for more people to volunteer to get the word out through whatever skills and gifts they have. I’ve been amazed at how quickly Street Library has grown, the goodwill it generates and the neighbourliness —definitely a cause worth fighting for! – Jonathan Englert