William Ngheim Original Sky Jungle Boogie – for Cancer Council.


This is a unique object that took over 40 hours detailed work by a up and coming inner city artist, handpainted with care.
Your purchase goes towards funding the Cancer Council, Street Library and William as an artist.
In this case, William donated the library to the Cancer Council for the Breakthrough Art Festival.
The proceeds will be split between the Cancer Council, the Artist and Street Library – we all appreciate your generous support!
A bit more about William:
Soon after graduating from UNSW Art & Design in Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drawing / Painting) in 2014, William took it upon himself on learning the ins and outs of design. Using various sources from books to successful designers, he began building his freelance business during the start of 2015 with his first brand identity project for a dessert business. Throughout 2015 he worked on a variety of logo designs, apparel (t-shirt) designs, web designs (with his partner), illustrations and more for new and established companies. William has also participated in a string of curated group shows, art commissions and murals during the hustle and bustle of his design and illustrative works.

William gathers inspiration from street art, editorial illustrations, hip-hop culture, skate culture, documentaries and anything else he finds interesting. In addition William is also an avid movie lover across all genres, exposing him to all sorts of perspectives, possibilities and expanding his creativity. William weaves these interests into most if not all his work through interconnecting ideas, references and his obsession with the number nine.


A bit more about the library:
The library is based on “The Shed”, and was hand built with love by the old blokes at Kuringai Mens Shed. It’s a generous size, with a high quality perspex door and a weatherproof tin gable that will protect your library from the elements.

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William Nghiem is a Sydney Illustrator, Artist and Designer working with an array of mediums like acrylics, spray paint, inks and more. He possesses a keen eye for fine details, equipped with a drive for constant perfection and going beyond 100% for all his projects no matter how big or small. Being a true Virgo and harsh auto-critique he believes that he should never stop learning and there’s always room for improvement. William is known for his particular colour palette (turquoise + salmon) and distinctive style which can be spotted in all his Illustrations, Artworks and Designs.
You can find more out about William here:
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