Street libraries are great additions to apartment buildings, hospital foyers, art galleries, cafes or community centres.

They make them more friendly and inviting by encouraging residents to connect and share books. They also brighten up the spot where it’s installed, whether it be the front fence, foyer or car park. They also make them safer by increasing activity.

You can see some examples of street libraries installed in apartment buildings here

If you’ve lots of books you can feed them in to the street library for your neighbours to enjoy; if you don’t, you may score a few good reads, which you can recycle back into the street library when you’ve finished. You may even score the odd friendship, or romance — leaving love notes in books is a thing!

Residents can paint it together e.g. over a barbeque, and then launch it e.g. by organising drinks and asking everyone to bring a book. Be sure to send us some photos (and an invite) if you do!

Why not start a street library in your apartment building today?

Note you may need your body corporate’s approval.

Grab a $99 Indoor Street Library Kit here

This is KIT of a Shed model that you can build yourself.

It contains all the pieces needed to make yourself a Street Library.

You’ll need a hammer, some glue and a drill. It’s easy – but it’s not IKEA!