Imagination and resourcefulness are both in abundance down in Keilor East, VIC, where mosaic artist, and now Street Librarian Debbie, resides. Look at this splendid beast!

“When you imagine a Pushmi-pullyou street library perhaps it’s best to make it,” says Debbie. “This Street Library was many years in the dreaming.”

The Pushmi-pullyu is a fictional creation of Hugh Lofting’s, brought to life in his much-loved Doctor Doolittle series, which Debbie loved to read as a child.

This wonderful Street Library representation of the Pushmi-pullyou was created out of a list of reused and new components which includes chairs, recycled chicken wire, and of course, tiles. 

So many tiles.

Debbie was well-supported by her community throughout the 2-month building process. “I might have worked on it alone, but my housemates brought me cups of tea and encouragement.”

“Many of my neighbours stopped to talk, and one person said it rekindled her faith in the idea of community,” she continues. 

“The best response I got was from my neighbours’ 1-year-old, who just beamed and beamed and laughed at it.”

“That was the best seal of approval!”


A one-off Street Library inspired by Doctor Dolittle's Pushmi-Pullyu.