Reading Club 2000 is a community reading center in Bangketa sa Barrio La Paz that is open 24/7 to everybody who loves to read and learn.

The Reading Club 2000 which is a free-for-all public library like no other: it lets anyone borrow and then bring back or keep any of its thousands of books.

Reading Club 2000 is an informal library set up by Hernando Guanlao outside his ancestral home in central Manila, Philippines. Hernando Guanlao, known by his nickname Nanie, wanted to encourage his local community to share his joy of reading. At Nanie’s Reading Club, there is no membership, borrower’s card or ID required. Anyone may keep the books or return them.

Books, believes Hernando Guanlao, need to live. And they are only alive if they are being read. Thought and effort, time and money went into making them; they will never repay it lying idle in a cabinet or on a shelf. Books need to be set free. So walk by his home on Balagtas Street in Makati, downtown Manila, and it seems books are pretty much all you’ll see. Thousands of them, on shelves and in crates outside on the pavement, piled high in the garage and on the stairs, each one free to anyone who wants it.