Street Library Dreaming by Louise Healey

As the gentle light of morning beckons 

plays around eyelids tightly shut

The arms of fluttering consciousness draw me

slowly in

a twilight between wakefulness and slumber

This morning I dream of MY Street Library

It would sit neatly in front of that great

puffed out tree

The one that perpetually bleeds  

perfect white 

perfumed flowers

tiny bouquets

that snow

on grey walkways


suggestive snow

That warms me

Welcomes me home from work

After a tired day

Or farewells me

as I run, belated 

for the morning bus.

MY Street Library!

I dream of placing it there

for all to see

Adorned with different banners each week

Perhaps to celebrate a special day

World Press or


But could I part with my precious books

I wonder

Will the community respect what I cherish?

I think so

I love the Street libraries I see

As I wander to and fro

About my suburban business

To the gym



Seeing an eye catching title

My curiosity always getting the better of me

Something for a future read



Books have always been that to me

Their words can change worlds

Move glaciers

Start or stop world wars

An exaggeration perhaps?

No matter

I feel excited 

Each time I step out

Discover a Street Library

And think of what it means to

Share a word gesture with unknown strangers

Who may delight in this or that

A free gift from this world.