The winner is……..The Little Red Door Street Library!


This fabulous Street Library is well stocked and loved by their community thanks to the wonderful Elspeth, Adrian, Isla and Raffi

Comments include:

“Established In 2018, this library is one of the biggest and best libraries in Victoria. With hordes of visitors coming daily to drop off books, boasting one of the largest book selections you’ll ever see. It’s no secret why this is one of the best places to donate or pick up a book.” – Ryan

“The festive decorations are so wonderful and there are always good books inside.” – Myles

“It is a wonderful and creative addition to the street and neighbourhood. It is a community talking point and meeting place. Children love it and they then tell their friends. Congratulations to the library makers.” – Anne

I love visiting the street library. There is such a great variety of books. So exciting to follow on Instagram where the latest reads are posted.” – Freya

It is made and maintained with love for books and the community. Great work Elspeth, Adrian, Isla and Raffi!! x” – Jackie

Beautifully presented, well kept & always a variety of books for all ages” – Kathy